Crazy Quilts

A few years ago, I took a Crazy Quilt Seminar in Omaha.  All hand stitching – it was fabulous.  I’ve started a few but it is one of those projects that I pick up between other projects.

Crazy Quilts encompasses so many things.  A woman could show off her stitches. It used up scraps and by using scraps, a person would have maybe a little piece of her Grandpa’s shirt or her sisters dress.

Crazy quilts are fabulous.  I’m not sure if the conference is still going on but take a look at the next crazy quilt you see. Stand back and enjoy the array of colors.

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Another Magic Slice and Dice

This is another slice and dice – a pattern where you line up 4 strips of 4 1/2″ wide that are all identical.  You then take your ruler and cut strips into 4 1/2″ squares.  All squares are not the identical print.

Then turn them around so there is a nice swirl effect.  The two best things about this pattern – ugly fabric becomes beautiful and your quilt is sewn in rows but after cutting and reattaching, it looks like it was sewn on point. 

Anyway, I have made about 7 of these and think it is time to retire the pattern.  At least for awhile.

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The quilt shows I attend not have beautiful quilts but great vendors.  Every year I look forward to shopping at Beyond The Reef.  They carry terrific Hawaiian fabric.

The quilt is done with dish towels – I just added some sashing, backing and borders.  The quilt was given to a co-worker who longs to live in Hawaii.  Super fast to make!

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Oregon Lighthouses

I usually head up to Oregon to visit Mom every May.  We drive down to Tillamook to visit the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center which is just past the Cheese Factory.  Mom mentioned how much she liked this quilt.  On a clear day, you can see the Tillamook lighthouse from the Seaside beach.

When I got back home, I ordered the panels from Latimer, inserted the ocean-type wave material, and added a red border.  I did some stitch in the ditch and then handquilted some clouds in the back ground.  She has it hanging up in her office. 

Should you ever get up to the Oregon coast, check out the lighthouses.  Thanks for reading.

Hanky Panky class

A few years ago at Road to California Quilt show, one of the classes I attended was to take numerous old (but clean) hankies, cut them up and place them on some white fabric. 

The class was taught by Cindy Brick, who is a wonderful teacher.  You can embellish the quilt/  wall hanging with buttons, lace, or pins.

Wonderful class and a nice addition to the hallway.