Seaside Oregon and the Prom

I have so many pictures of Tillamook Head and the Seaside Prom from all my visits.  Each time I would think, “This would make a wonderful art quilt.”  But I didn’t try.

Imagine my surprise and joy when I saw this quilt at Road to California 2012 quilt show from a quilter who lives in Portland.  I was mentally transported to that spot on the Prom, I could smell the salt air and feel the misty breezes.  I stopped by this quilt every day I was there-I would close my eyes and imagine that I had just finished a cup of Dooger’s clam chowder and was walking off the calories. 

I overheard a comment and then proceeded to explain the area to the person.  They thought it was my quilt but all I could say was, “I wish it was and I will do something similar someday.  But Seaside is like a second home for me.”

If I don’t try, I’ll never know if I can.  So, no more housework for today – I’m off to the sewing room to try it.  But here is one of my pictures from a past visit.

Hugs and Kisses

A great way to bust your stash.  It’s one pattern with some of the pieces turned a different way.

I used a really pretty Asian fabric and then pulled colors to make the squares.

I just finished it when a friend told me about someone that was going through cancer treatments.  He wanted to buy it for her so that she would have something to hold on to during chemo and radiation.

Quilts are made with love and they can make a bad day better.

Thanks for reading.

Pink Bow Tie

It really is pink but when you use auto correct, the colors sometimes deepen.  Anyway, this is a Bow Tie quilt that is 3D. 

I wanted to try teaching a class, charge only $15 and then donate the money to the Komen Foundation.  It was only difficult in typing up the instructions.  I had plenty of pictures (with help from Elwood the Cat) and it was to be a scrappy quilt.  Diane Beachamp custom quilted it for me, Quilter’s Garden donated the fabric, and I offered it on a weeknight and a Saturday.  Unfortunately, there were not any takers. 

The wall hanging is now up in my cubicle – hoping to remind people that 1) this isn’t your Grandma’s quilt, 2) Breast Cancer hits 1 out 7 women, 3) any fabric can brighten up a cubicle.

Thanks for reading.

Off Center Jacob’s Ladder

Same quilt pattern, just different fabric.  Jacob’s Ladder is usually 3 sections that are equal in size – it may be 1, 2, or more pieces but the end result will be a square.

I saw a quilt at Material Possessions in Lake Forest (has since closed) and asked about the pattern.  The sales person said they didn’t have a copy nor the book but found it online for me.  The one on the left was the first one done.  After I finished the top, I realized that I didn’t make it exactly the way the directions read.  And I wasn’t happy with the lightest fabric – it just screamed “Look at me”.  So I bought different fabric and made the one on the right.

Now another quilter said, “It won’t scream once you quilt it”, someone else said to tea stain it or paint the lightest.  I left it alone and the color did blend away once it was quilted.  Here are some other photos.

Can you see the difference?


Thanks for reading.

Another Race for the Cure Quilt 2002

Sometimes just a quilt makes a statement with just 2 colors.  This quilt is a “one block” quilt.  The pattern calls for one block to be made, and then you just turn it one way or the other the create the flow.  This was made entirely on my 1938 Singer Featherweight.  I now sew on a Bernina 440.

I used this quilt as a raffle prize for Team FireWalkers for the OC Komen for the Cure race in 2002.  OCFA has had a team for the last 15 years and we usually raise about $1100.  The Wednesday or Thursday before the race, we have a raffle/bake sale.  Our Fire Marshal donates a couple of tickets for the Anaheim Ducks, another employee donates hand made jewelry, and there is a bunch of other items donated or made to raise money for this race.

The raffle started around the second year we had a team.  All started with someone bragging that his biscotti were better than mine.  So we had a baking contest and it evolved into a much larger event.  I’ll continue this tradition until I retire.

Thanks for reading.

Thirties Style Fabric

There are so many different styles of fabrics to choose.  You have your batiks, solids, contemporary, large floral, Thimbleberries, Civil War and many others.  The quilt on the side is from a class where we met every month on the first Monday.  The instructor gave us this pattern the first month. 

The figures are in the form of Sunbonnet Sue doing her weekday chores.  Fun pattern and it was a fun class.

Thanks for reading.