Off Center Jacob’s Ladder

Same quilt pattern, just different fabric.  Jacob’s Ladder is usually 3 sections that are equal in size – it may be 1, 2, or more pieces but the end result will be a square.

I saw a quilt at Material Possessions in Lake Forest (has since closed) and asked about the pattern.  The sales person said they didn’t have a copy nor the book but found it online for me.  The one on the left was the first one done.  After I finished the top, I realized that I didn’t make it exactly the way the directions read.  And I wasn’t happy with the lightest fabric – it just screamed “Look at me”.  So I bought different fabric and made the one on the right.

Now another quilter said, “It won’t scream once you quilt it”, someone else said to tea stain it or paint the lightest.  I left it alone and the color did blend away once it was quilted.  Here are some other photos.

Can you see the difference?


Thanks for reading.

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