Why do I quilt?

Growing up, I learned how to sew the basics (darts, zippers, facings).  Miss Roselma Messman at Laguna Beach High School was the Home Ec teacher.  Between her teachings, my great aunt making doll clothes for all my dolls, Mom making my dresses, and my Godmother Helen Carnes teaching me how to knit, I had an impressive background on basics – what machine to use, what needles for different types of yarn, cast on, cast off, etc.

Quilts 2008 001

I guess it comes down to a few simple things:

  • I made it from scraps or just yards of fabric
  • I embellished it with stylized quilting
  • It keeps me warm
  • I make it with love
  • I have met some fabulous people
  • We make up weird statements – Press to suppress, wonky seams, press to the dark side Luke, PIGS (Projects in a grocery sack), etc
  • Lastly, crafts people give back

When I say give back, it may be a guild that donates blankets to abuse children, quilts for raffles to make money for cancer cures, wedding gifts, baby gifts, etc.  Here’s another example – a local store sent out an email asking her customers if they had anything to donate to two of her customers that were going through a very rough time.  Her customers were able to donate $500 to each quilter along with personal items, gift cards, fabric and other items.

It is a large community that comes together for Linus Blankets, pillow cases for people going through cancer treatments, prayer blankets, etc.  After the tsunami hit Japan, the word went out that blankets were needed.  Thousands of people brought in quilts that were shipped over there for the survivors.

So if you want to try it, check your community class roster or your local quilt/fabric store.  Quilters share their talent.

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Road to California Quilt show

Let me tell you about Road – it is the most fun, people packed week for quilters. It is held in Ontario right around Martin Luther King Day. There are classes with long arm machines, hand piecing, crazy quilting, paper piecing and many others. Check out the webpage http://www.road2ca.com for more information.  The quilt in this picture was done by the instructor, and this is one class I was hesitant to take.  Curves have never been my friend – either in quilting or on the body (little humor).  I am blanking out on her name but she is in the San Diego area and has published a few books of patterns.

new york beauty004  But I took the class and really enjoyed it.  I have conquered curves – at least with fabric.  And speaking of fabric….

I spent New Year’s Day putting away fabric I had purchased earlier this year and also any fabric I had sitting out. Then I put together a top with some borders (picture later) and pulled together fabric for one of my classes at Road to California.  Normally I will go to the fabric store and buy specific fabric for the class. This year – I am working through the stash of fabric.  In two of my three classes, it will be stash fabric.  My third class is done with felt and the kit will be sold by the instructor.

So if you aren’t busy January 24-27th, stop by the Ontario convention Center.  This is for quilters, crafts people (you should see the crystals, buttons and stencils that are offered), dress designers, or anyone who likes to sew.  Plenty of sewing machines, both regular, long arm, embroidery, etc.  Hope to see you there.  Also, the most amazing quilts on display – it is an overload of color and wonderfulness.

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Italian Marble


Sometimes you see a bolt of fabric and just have to purchase a couple of yards. You think to yourself, “I don’t know which pattern I’ll use, but this is something I have to have.” So you buy a few yards – with me it is usually around 4 yds. I the main fabric at Center Diamond in Cannon Beach, OR.

This pattern is called “Twist around the Garden”. I think the designer called it that because they used a large floral print and used green to frame it. My main fabric looked like it belonged in an Italian palazzo so I named my quilt “Italian Marble.”

Previously I have made this same pattern with cowboy fabric and the addtional fabric was done in bandana farbic and some with horseshoes. The accent (which would be the dark green in this picture) had fabric that looked like hay bales. It makes a cute kid quilt. If you use “baby” type fabric, use Minkee as the backing – makes it super warm. I used the longarm Gammil quilt machine at Quilter’s Garden in Anaheim to finish off the top. Someday, I will take the plunge and use my Bernina 440 – but that’s another story.

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