Italian Marble


Sometimes you see a bolt of fabric and just have to purchase a couple of yards. You think to yourself, “I don’t know which pattern I’ll use, but this is something I have to have.” So you buy a few yards – with me it is usually around 4 yds. I the main fabric at Center Diamond in Cannon Beach, OR.

This pattern is called “Twist around the Garden”. I think the designer called it that because they used a large floral print and used green to frame it. My main fabric looked like it belonged in an Italian palazzo so I named my quilt “Italian Marble.”

Previously I have made this same pattern with cowboy fabric and the addtional fabric was done in bandana farbic and some with horseshoes. The accent (which would be the dark green in this picture) had fabric that looked like hay bales. It makes a cute kid quilt. If you use “baby” type fabric, use Minkee as the backing – makes it super warm. I used the longarm Gammil quilt machine at Quilter’s Garden in Anaheim to finish off the top. Someday, I will take the plunge and use my Bernina 440 – but that’s another story.

Thanks for reading.

Shop Small Store Saturday

To help small businesses stay in business, there is a movement to get people to shop the smaller stores on Saturday.  Even though I was here at Center Diamond, Cannon Beach, OR, on a Sunday, I had to buy at least 5 yds of fabric along with some buttons.

I found Center Diamond’s ad in a quilt magazine and they offered a scrapbuilders special.  Each month, you would receive about 8-9 4X4 swatches of fabric from their newest lines.  I hoarded these swatches for about 10 years using some occasionally.  Finally, I made the decision to donate the swatches to my church so we could make prayer quilts.

But back to Center Diamond – look at those fabulous colors.  Makes me wish I could retire now and just sew.  But if you ever get up to the Pacific Northwest, check out Center Diamond on Hemlock St.  There is a quilt run in November and they are listed.  Happy sewing.