Shop Small Store Saturday

To help small businesses stay in business, there is a movement to get people to shop the smaller stores on Saturday.  Even though I was here at Center Diamond, Cannon Beach, OR, on a Sunday, I had to buy at least 5 yds of fabric along with some buttons.

I found Center Diamond’s ad in a quilt magazine and they offered a scrapbuilders special.  Each month, you would receive about 8-9 4X4 swatches of fabric from their newest lines.  I hoarded these swatches for about 10 years using some occasionally.  Finally, I made the decision to donate the swatches to my church so we could make prayer quilts.

But back to Center Diamond – look at those fabulous colors.  Makes me wish I could retire now and just sew.  But if you ever get up to the Pacific Northwest, check out Center Diamond on Hemlock St.  There is a quilt run in November and they are listed.  Happy sewing.

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