Shop Small Store Saturday

To help small businesses stay in business, there is a movement to get people to shop the smaller stores on Saturday.  Even though I was here at Center Diamond, Cannon Beach, OR, on a Sunday, I had to buy at least 5 yds of fabric along with some buttons.

I found Center Diamond’s ad in a quilt magazine and they offered a scrapbuilders special.  Each month, you would receive about 8-9 4X4 swatches of fabric from their newest lines.  I hoarded these swatches for about 10 years using some occasionally.  Finally, I made the decision to donate the swatches to my church so we could make prayer quilts.

But back to Center Diamond – look at those fabulous colors.  Makes me wish I could retire now and just sew.  But if you ever get up to the Pacific Northwest, check out Center Diamond on Hemlock St.  There is a quilt run in November and they are listed.  Happy sewing.

Basketweave – Sampler

Okay, it’s not a quilt, but a quilt design.  While attending classes in a local college, there was a needlepoint class listed.  Thought if I was going to school to learn, why not include a fun class.

This project gave us lots of stitches to learn and it made a nice wall hanging.  It is currently hanging in the Linkey Art Museum, i.e. at Mom’s house.  Arts should always be taught in schools and at all levels.  It’s good to use both sides of the brain.

Thanks for reading.

Another Race Quilt

I have written about other quilts where you take identical 4 1/2″, turn them around and make an interesting pattern.  The best  pattern to use is either a large floral print or even really ugly fabric.  The pattern takes on a different view.

Here are some of the squares.  You can see by the border fabric, there are large flowers. However by fussy cutting, you get the same block and you can make swirls with little buds, leaves or portion of flowers.

The nice thing is you sew the rows straight across, slice it, resew it in different spots and at the end, the quilt looks like it was sewn on the diagonal.  Truly a fun pattern.

Thanks for reading.


First Class Christmas Quilt

I was going through the mail about 18 years ago and found a City Services Class schedule.  One class was for quilting, cost was free and it was held down the street from my house.

Nothing more than a nice size wall hanging and we could all get it done before Christmas.  I finished it but never quilted it.  The top was always just around waiting to be finished.  I had too many other techniques to learn and the need to build up my stash of fabrics was calling.

Finally about 18 months ago, I put it on the longarm and quilted it with ornaments and bells pattern.  It still needs binding but I’ll get to it soon. 

Quilting for me is the most calming thing I can do (besides just sitting and playing with the cats) but I know not to start a project when my mind is filled with problems.  The cuts are wrong, the seams don’t line up and it generally turns into a disaster. 

So when you are starting or working on a project, set your timer for 20 minutes and then stretch – move to another room – step outside and take a deep breath.  Then go back to the project.  Things take on a new perspective.

Thanks for reading.