Another Race Quilt

I have written about other quilts where you take identical 4 1/2″, turn them around and make an interesting pattern.  The best  pattern to use is either a large floral print or even really ugly fabric.  The pattern takes on a different view.

Here are some of the squares.  You can see by the border fabric, there are large flowers. However by fussy cutting, you get the same block and you can make swirls with little buds, leaves or portion of flowers.

The nice thing is you sew the rows straight across, slice it, resew it in different spots and at the end, the quilt looks like it was sewn on the diagonal.  Truly a fun pattern.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Another Race Quilt

  1. Your quilts are beautiful! You inspire me. I don’t see the names of the quilt patterns, however. Is the pattern itself called “Another Race Quilt”? Thanks so much!

  2. The pattern is Magic Slice and Dice by Two Wacky Sisters. You sew the pattern in rows, slice through the solid material, turn it around and resew it. You do this twice and it looks like it is sewn on the diagonal. You can probably find the patter online – I know that Quilter’s Garden in Anaheim has the pattern. Thanks for your comment.

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