Dick and Jane quilt

Normally, I love to take my time and go through all the fabric to make a quilt.  Occasionally, I will get a kit.  This one was a no brainer – it came with all the fabric, super easy patter and a cut little lunch box that held everything.

I didn’t keep it – one of the ladies at work was adopting a child and we had a little party at work.  Turned out it wasn’t a baby per se, but a 2 1/2 yr old.  It took that long for the papers to go through.

Sometimes, take a peek at the kits – saves time.  Keep quilting.

Cassie’s Quilt

My cousin Mark has a beautiful daughter named Cassie.  Unfortunately for us, her mom moved up to Alaska so I didn’t get to watch her grow up.  Since it gets a little cold up there (an understatement), I thought a little blue and yellow brightness would be nice.  And a Mariner’s Compass so she could always find her way back south. 

Fortunately, she will be visiting this Christmas with her mom.  The Mariner’s Compass was a class I took at Road to Calif Quilt show.  Two different teachers, with two different methods.  Love this pattern.

Jellyroll Strip Search

One of the nicest gifts any quilter could receive is a Jelly roll. Now the edible kind is great but this is a roll of 2 1/2″ strips of 32 different fabrics.  Moda, Kauffman and others precut the strips which really helps.

This is a pattern called Strip Search – You make strips of 5 or 6 fabrics, cut into squares, cut on the diagonal, and sew to other cut pieces.  It makes an interesting pattern with all the different fabric.  It makes up quick and the receiver is always happy.  This one I kept and use it often.  The cats love it too.

English Paper Piecing

I had seen this quilt pattern many years ago.  It was first published in the mid to late 70’s (Looks like it was typed on a Selectric typewriter).  Quilter’s Garden listed the class and I was fortunate that my 3 Saturdays were free.  I made this one in 1 week and started a 2nd one in a different color by the last class and then did 1 more.  It is a wonderful “take-along” quilt.  You can work on it anywhere and it makes a lovely wall hanging.

Thanks for reading.

Race for the Cure 2006 Quilt

I don’t remember the name of the pattern or what magazine published it, but I remember who won the quilt.  Tom Carman was a co-worker who every year donated $100 to our team Fire Walkers.

Tom knew his fire prevention.  He also took in a cat that had it tail severed in an accident.  Unfortunately, Tom left us a few years later.  When I see this pictures of this quilt, I am reminded of how he always brought me a funny magnet, told his horrible jokes and his friendship. I miss you Tom.

Quilt pattern designer Linda Ballard

This was one of my first quilts with curves.  Linda Ballard has a great teaching method, great illustrations in the pattern and a very helpful manner of teaching.  I like the jewel tones against a bright white background.  This was custom quilted by Diane Beauchamp where she did some amazing custom quilting in the centers.

I’ve made one with 30’s style fabric and another with purples, mauves, pink swirly type material.  The next one may be a reversal with black background and pastels – who knows – it depends on which fabric jump out at me.
Thanks for reading.

OCFA Fabric

Fire Quilt
Christmas Raffle

The Orange County Fire Authority had some fabric printed that represented all 8 battalions.  Our Benevolent store sold shirts made of the same fabric.  I purchased about 3 yrs and made this quilt.  Very simple quilt and the quilting was done a long arm with flames as the stitch.  It was raffled off and enjoyed by the recipient.

Thanks for reading.

Meeting an Inspiration

Road to California 2011
My class project for American Barns

I used to tape Eleanor’s program.  I had to take one of her classes at Road to California, an annual quilt experience in Ontario. I got up at 4 am, and enrolled in her class.  In some states, people have started to paint quilt designs on their barns.  In Oregon, there are about 6-7 places that have done this.  Tillamook, Oregon has about 3-4 in their area alone. 

I continue to take Eleanor’s classes every year.  She is knowledgeable, entertaining and so giving with her time.  She is a gem.

Lois McFeater’s retirement

Loey's retirement giftLois was our admin assistant and basically ran the department.  She was always there to assist with the annual Bake Sale/Raffle where the proceeds went to Susan Komen OC Race for the Cure.  She never won the quilts that I donated so when she gave her notice, I knew this was the quilt for her.  The colors matched her living room and she really enjoyed the quilt.

Her smile says it all.

What to do with leftovers

Kaylee's quiltI found this fabric in El Cajon at Rosie’s Calico Cupboard.  I first used this fabric for a Magic slice and dice.  With the leftovers, I fussy cut the fish, combined the blue and yellow sashing strips, and framed it in.  I gave this quilt to a co-worker who had been trying to adopt a baby for years.  Her dream came true a few years ago and since she is such a UCLA fan, this was the perfect quilt to give her.  Thanks for reading.