English Paper Piecing

I had seen this quilt pattern many years ago.  It was first published in the mid to late 70’s (Looks like it was typed on a Selectric typewriter).  Quilter’s Garden listed the class and I was fortunate that my 3 Saturdays were free.  I made this one in 1 week and started a 2nd one in a different color by the last class and then did 1 more.  It is a wonderful “take-along” quilt.  You can work on it anywhere and it makes a lovely wall hanging.

Thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “English Paper Piecing

  1. Hi, I would dearly love to find this pattern. Can you tell me what it is called please? I have searched the Internet and cannot find it. Thanks a million!

  2. I to would love this pattern. It was done so long ago I wonder if I can still obtain it. Will email the sight you gave.

    • The patter is called Quilted Puzzle and I am very remiss on not giving the designer credit. The designer is Judy Mathieson and her email address is judymathieson@mac.com. She also has a pattern called Spinning Blocks that is equally as fun. A little larger but still fun. Thanks for reading my blog.

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