English Paper Piecing

I had seen this quilt pattern many years ago.  It was first published in the mid to late 70’s (Looks like it was typed on a Selectric typewriter).  Quilter’s Garden listed the class and I was fortunate that my 3 Saturdays were free.  I made this one in 1 week and started a 2nd one in a different color by the last class and then did 1 more.  It is a wonderful “take-along” quilt.  You can work on it anywhere and it makes a lovely wall hanging.

Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “English Paper Piecing

  1. Hi, I would dearly love to find this pattern. Can you tell me what it is called please? I have searched the Internet and cannot find it. Thanks a million!

  2. I to would love this pattern. It was done so long ago I wonder if I can still obtain it. Will email the sight you gave.

    • The patter is called Quilted Puzzle and I am very remiss on not giving the designer credit. The designer is Judy Mathieson and her email address is judymathieson@mac.com. She also has a pattern called Spinning Blocks that is equally as fun. A little larger but still fun. Thanks for reading my blog.

    • Hi Christa. I believe I gave the designer’s name/email address in the original posting. Please contact her to see if she has anymore. If she doesn’t respond, or says it is okay to share, I will. The pattern is copyrighted. If this is the puzzle quilt, then I can share it as Kelly, the designer, did not respond. The company is Jukebox Quilts and they are in Colorado. If this is the 3D quilt, then you will need to contact the designer to ask. Sorry, I have not posted anything on WordPress for quite some time.

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