Spring is coming

With the time change, there are a few things I always do:
1) Start weeding out the fabric. I bought it for one reason or another but if I haven’t touched it ins some time, it’s time to go. So it either gets donated to a church for their prayer quilts or a Senior Assisted Living Facility for their craft classes.
2) Clean – it’s amazing what you can find. Last month, I found a bag of thread that I had purchased at Road to California from Superior Threads. Score one for me!
3) I change the batteries in my smoke alarm. If you lose power, a battery will keep you safe for some time. Change the batteries twice a year or purchase the new 10-yr life battery. And don’t forget your carbon monoxide detector.

If you have gas appliances, connecting garage or a fireplace, a carbon monoxide will help alert you if there is a gas leak.

Replace your smoke alarms when they are 10 years old and your carbon monoxide detectors every 7 years.

Stay safe and thanks for reading.

Red and White

Red and white

This pattern was in one of the quilt magazines. I do have an electronic reader but I prefer to have the magazine in my hands, a good cup of coffee and my feet up.

Now sometimes you can order a kit which is an easy way to start the project. However, I love to shop in a small store, get some personal help and be able to show the end result to those that helped me. Two of the ladies at Quilter’s Garden assisted me by pulling together 8 fabrics for this quilt. We spent about 45 minutes deciding which fabric would go next to each other.

Saturdays are known as “Shop Small Stores”. Yes, the internet is great and I occasionally order items, but reall prefer to shop and touch the fabric. Today I took in 5 tops to get backing and more thread and was able to book one of the long arms.

Please keep shopping in the small stores, take some classes, and maybe even join a guild. You make some awesome friends.

Thanks for reading.