Spring is coming

With the time change, there are a few things I always do:
1) Start weeding out the fabric. I bought it for one reason or another but if I haven’t touched it ins some time, it’s time to go. So it either gets donated to a church for their prayer quilts or a Senior Assisted Living Facility for their craft classes.
2) Clean – it’s amazing what you can find. Last month, I found a bag of thread that I had purchased at Road to California from Superior Threads. Score one for me!
3) I change the batteries in my smoke alarm. If you lose power, a battery will keep you safe for some time. Change the batteries twice a year or purchase the new 10-yr life battery. And don’t forget your carbon monoxide detector.

If you have gas appliances, connecting garage or a fireplace, a carbon monoxide will help alert you if there is a gas leak.

Replace your smoke alarms when they are 10 years old and your carbon monoxide detectors every 7 years.

Stay safe and thanks for reading.

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