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It has been quite some time since I have posted so not sure how many of you still follow. Earlier this year, I scheduled time on a friends longarm machine. I had taken some classes at Road to California which was such a wonderful time. The last Road event was 2020, 2 months before the Covid shut down. Being to attend again was a great way to start 2022.

One class was a mystery class taught by Pat Yamin. I just needed to bring basic sewing items and a machine. This is when I bring out my Featherweight which was cleaned, oiled and greased. The nice thing is I didn’t have to precut or select fabrics.

All pieces were laser cut and placed in plastic bags. We were able to strip sew, cut, iron and make at least 2-3 blocks before the end of class. Photo on the right.

The quilt top on the left is a pattern from Modern 180 called Abstraction. It looks more complicated that it is. I haven’t quilted it yet as I have to make time to pin the zippers on, cut the backing and get some time on the longarm. The design is a pattern by Running With Scissors Quilters. There are times when I can just crank out 3 tops without getting sidetracked.

I do have a trip planned in September to fly to France for the Alsace Patchwork Festival. We will have 2 weeks to tour, sew, shop, visit and make new friends. First major trip overseas since 2019.

Another quilt top that I did was Hunter’s Star. With Deb Tucker’s tool, this pattern went fast. I brought 2 different sets of fabric and was happy with both. I have to say that I prefer the 4 color star. These, I may even do the quilting on my domestic machine. Again, it is a matter of not getting distracted.

But that’s about all I have for right now. I can’t wait to get to France for a new adventure.

My Bernina is back home!

I purchased this fabulous machine (the 440) at the Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson, Libby Lehman Super Show in Downey in 2009. It has enough bells and whistles that you can really add some great embellishments to your quilt. The reason it was away from me was I hit the 2,000,000 stitch mark.

I have been a Featherweight sewer for so long that I actually left the Bernina in the box for over a month mentally telling myself, “Oh that machine is too much for me.” Finally, I took the plunge and started up my new machine.

Now it is time to try some new techniques.
new techique
With all those great Bali Pops that are out there, this is a quick and easy pattern for gifts. You just take the precut 2 1/2″ strips and sew 7 together (either do 2 at a time or start at opposite ends of each new addition – that way you do don’t get the curve).

Mark from the edge 1 1/2″, then in increments of 1″ to the other side. Pinch on the line and stitch 1/4″ straight down, then 1/16″ from the edge. Iron to one side and stitch in the ditch the rows facing down. The next seam stitch the rows the opposite way. Add some fabric in the middle and then another wavy end and you have yourself a nice placemat.

Many of us are working long hours and usually end up eating at our desks. Why not make a nice placemat for your office or for your office mates? Quick and easy! Pattern found in April/May 2012 The Quilter Magazine. I found it as I am starting to weed out some of my magazine collection. The ones I don’t want to keep will be past along to a local Senior Living apartment complex that displays quilts on their walls.

Again, thanks for reading. I appreciate your comments.