Latest Quilts

It has been quite some time since I have posted so not sure how many of you still follow. Earlier this year, I scheduled time on a friends longarm machine. I had taken some classes at Road to California which was such a wonderful time. The last Road event was 2020, 2 months before the Covid shut down. Being to attend again was a great way to start 2022.

One class was a mystery class taught by Pat Yamin. I just needed to bring basic sewing items and a machine. This is when I bring out my Featherweight which was cleaned, oiled and greased. The nice thing is I didn’t have to precut or select fabrics.

All pieces were laser cut and placed in plastic bags. We were able to strip sew, cut, iron and make at least 2-3 blocks before the end of class. Photo on the right.

The quilt top on the left is a pattern from Modern 180 called Abstraction. It looks more complicated that it is. I haven’t quilted it yet as I have to make time to pin the zippers on, cut the backing and get some time on the longarm. The design is a pattern by Running With Scissors Quilters. There are times when I can just crank out 3 tops without getting sidetracked.

I do have a trip planned in September to fly to France for the Alsace Patchwork Festival. We will have 2 weeks to tour, sew, shop, visit and make new friends. First major trip overseas since 2019.

Another quilt top that I did was Hunter’s Star. With Deb Tucker’s tool, this pattern went fast. I brought 2 different sets of fabric and was happy with both. I have to say that I prefer the 4 color star. These, I may even do the quilting on my domestic machine. Again, it is a matter of not getting distracted.

But that’s about all I have for right now. I can’t wait to get to France for a new adventure.