Why do I quilt?

Growing up, I learned how to sew the basics (darts, zippers, facings).  Miss Roselma Messman at Laguna Beach High School was the Home Ec teacher.  Between her teachings, my great aunt making doll clothes for all my dolls, Mom making my dresses, and my Godmother Helen Carnes teaching me how to knit, I had an impressive background on basics – what machine to use, what needles for different types of yarn, cast on, cast off, etc.

Quilts 2008 001

I guess it comes down to a few simple things:

  • I made it from scraps or just yards of fabric
  • I embellished it with stylized quilting
  • It keeps me warm
  • I make it with love
  • I have met some fabulous people
  • We make up weird statements – Press to suppress, wonky seams, press to the dark side Luke, PIGS (Projects in a grocery sack), etc
  • Lastly, crafts people give back

When I say give back, it may be a guild that donates blankets to abuse children, quilts for raffles to make money for cancer cures, wedding gifts, baby gifts, etc.  Here’s another example – a local store sent out an email asking her customers if they had anything to donate to two of her customers that were going through a very rough time.  Her customers were able to donate $500 to each quilter along with personal items, gift cards, fabric and other items.

It is a large community that comes together for Linus Blankets, pillow cases for people going through cancer treatments, prayer blankets, etc.  After the tsunami hit Japan, the word went out that blankets were needed.  Thousands of people brought in quilts that were shipped over there for the survivors.

So if you want to try it, check your community class roster or your local quilt/fabric store.  Quilters share their talent.

Thanks for reading

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