Another Race for the Cure Quilt 2002

Sometimes just a quilt makes a statement with just 2 colors.  This quilt is a “one block” quilt.  The pattern calls for one block to be made, and then you just turn it one way or the other the create the flow.  This was made entirely on my 1938 Singer Featherweight.  I now sew on a Bernina 440.

I used this quilt as a raffle prize for Team FireWalkers for the OC Komen for the Cure race in 2002.  OCFA has had a team for the last 15 years and we usually raise about $1100.  The Wednesday or Thursday before the race, we have a raffle/bake sale.  Our Fire Marshal donates a couple of tickets for the Anaheim Ducks, another employee donates hand made jewelry, and there is a bunch of other items donated or made to raise money for this race.

The raffle started around the second year we had a team.  All started with someone bragging that his biscotti were better than mine.  So we had a baking contest and it evolved into a much larger event.  I’ll continue this tradition until I retire.

Thanks for reading.

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