Pink Bow Tie

It really is pink but when you use auto correct, the colors sometimes deepen.  Anyway, this is a Bow Tie quilt that is 3D. 

I wanted to try teaching a class, charge only $15 and then donate the money to the Komen Foundation.  It was only difficult in typing up the instructions.  I had plenty of pictures (with help from Elwood the Cat) and it was to be a scrappy quilt.  Diane Beachamp custom quilted it for me, Quilter’s Garden donated the fabric, and I offered it on a weeknight and a Saturday.  Unfortunately, there were not any takers. 

The wall hanging is now up in my cubicle – hoping to remind people that 1) this isn’t your Grandma’s quilt, 2) Breast Cancer hits 1 out 7 women, 3) any fabric can brighten up a cubicle.

Thanks for reading.