Road to California Quilt Show 2012

In Ontario – new vendors, great quilts and fabulous classes/teachers.  Here I am on Wednesday with Eleanor Burns.  Her class was Radiant Star (Texas Star or Bethlehem Star).  She has a template that makes cutting on the diagonal so easy.  Wearing my Martini In The Morning T-shirt.

During lunch time, you have the opportunity to wander around the show and check out the quilts.  Here I am Friday by the  “Come Quilt With Me” booth.  Pat Yamin is the owner and also has some great templates to make your fabric cutting go so fast.  There is also a new vendor there – Bohn from Paris who sells some great needles, scissors, thimbles, etc.  One, he is the best dressed (suit & tie) and his company handcrafts scissors (start @ $300).  So beautiful but I had to walk away.  But tomorrow, I am going to purchase some of his needles.  It is a terrific show @ Road.  This is their 17th year.  Woo Hoo.

Meeting an Inspiration

Road to California 2011
My class project for American Barns

I used to tape Eleanor’s program.  I had to take one of her classes at Road to California, an annual quilt experience in Ontario. I got up at 4 am, and enrolled in her class.  In some states, people have started to paint quilt designs on their barns.  In Oregon, there are about 6-7 places that have done this.  Tillamook, Oregon has about 3-4 in their area alone. 

I continue to take Eleanor’s classes every year.  She is knowledgeable, entertaining and so giving with her time.  She is a gem.