Crazy Quilt Conference


I did an earlier post of going to Omaha for a Crazy Quilt Conference.  Now the nice thing was I didn’t have to lug a sewing machine onto the plane.  The conference had some great teachers.  One was Kelly Gallagher.  Here is a hand quilter, ER nurse, hand model, quilt judge and now a long arm dealer.

Kelly is pictured with a quilt she did and it is a beaut.  What I found out from taking her class is that she was from Orange County (as I am) and she did some work for “How To Make An American Quilt” movie.  She also was the main judge for the Hoffman Challenge (they have fabulous fabrics, don’t they?) and now she and her husband are the Gammil dealers out of Colorado.

She is an inspiring teacher and has a wealth of knowledge that she shares.  I learned some great stitches from her and work on it when I am on vacation. Hand stitching is also a great way to diet – your hands are busy with thread, they don’t have time to put food in your mouth.

I just finished 2 quilt tops and will post a picture after I get them quilted on the long arm.  Thanks for reading.  .

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