Drunkard’s Path variation

I met this quilter at the Anaheim Convention Center years ago.  She was selling her book and plastic templates to make Drunkard’s Path.  Unfortunately, the book is at home.  I’m writing this at lunch at work and can’t give you her name.

The photos and directions were so easy to follow, that the curves didn’t bother me a bit.  I did 4 different squares using 2 templates.  A co-worker was practicing on her new long arm and quilted it for me. She apologized because she used a slightly damp cloth to erase the blue marker.  Well, as we all know, reds can run (not this redhead but red fabric is very iffy). 

It was not a problem because it was just a sample piece and I had the secret weapon – Color Catcher.  These wonderful sheets get tossed in with the wash and any color floating out there gets trapped by this cloth.  No red bleed – no problems.

Thanks for reading.

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