About Darcelona

I work a full time job as a fire prevention specialist.  My job entails going to existing buildings and checking to make sure all systems are still operational – fire sprinklers, alarms, and other safety items.  It is sometimes routine, sometimes exciting and sometimes creative.

While walking through some buildings, you will notice artwork that is unique or an office that is painted with a variety of colors (instead of beige and brown) that will inspire a new quilt.  One office has a terrific painting that looks 3D that is in the mental file to create one day.

The name Darcelona came to me when I was taking flamenco dance lessons (flamenco, not flamingo).  After watching Carman, the flamenco dance version, I decided to find a class and try it.  Whereas my background is basic Celtic, my inner  desperately wanted to be a raven-haired dancer with long dresses and castanets clicking in rapid fire.  Whenever the studio put on a recital or did demonstrations at local events, everyone participated.   My co-dancers decided I could be Darcelona from Barcelona.  The nickname stuck and I use it for fun.

I don’t dance flamenco anymore due but still greatly appreciate the artistry of the dance and music.

So, that is me – Darcelona Quilts.  Thanks for reading.

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