Oregon 2008 029

Many years ago, the local community college offered more classes in the arts.

I had the time then to take a class in needlepoint. This is one ribbon pattern we were given.

The nice thing about any of the handcrafts, you can make these items on your own or sit in a class and work on them. Being in a class offers the opportunity to meet people, learn other techniques from them or just get an impromptu lesson on colors.

The same thing goes with quilting. One comment can lead you towards a whole new color combination or a new technique. With needlepoint, you can have it turned into a pillow or have it framed.

But my favorite, it is the best way to keep from snacking. It kind of goes along with the old saying “Idle hands are the Devil’s playground.”

Thanks for reading – have a terrific holiday season. Remember to shop small stores as it helps out your community. Not everything needs to come from the Big Box stores.

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