What’s the Point? Where’s the Point?

I love to sew a quilt on a machine. Some people will tell you, always in a serious tone, that unless you do the entire project by hand, it is not a quilt.


At that time, you really just have to smile and walk away. Now I will do some hand quilt but usually ends up as PIGS (Projects inna Grocery Sack). Here is one project that I started on a machine but would probably work out better being done sans machine.

By stitching the parts together, my points have “mushed” into each other instead of gracefully coming together. The pattern is called “Nosegay” and the instructor is Pat Yamin. She is the owner and founder of “Come Quilt With Me” headquartered in Brooklyn. Pat is one who will handquilt and does beautiful work.

Pat also hosts a retreat in Hawaii and is on the road constantly. In fact, she will have her booth at Road To California, January 23-26, 2014 in Ontarior at the Convention Center. She carries some great fabric and has some of the best templates for her patterns.

Back to Nosegay, I have lots of fabric to make this as it is a great way to use up your stash of fabrics. This one was done on the Featherweight but the rest will be done on the Bernina.

Thanks for reading and try quilting. It is a great craft and you do meet the nicest people.

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