Purple Maze – Purple Haze

I recently retired from a government/county job and let me tell you, retiring through the system is like going through a maze. So as I was perusing through the American Quilting Society (AQS) magazine, I found a pattern that caught my eye.

I ordered the pattern was happy to see “NO Y SEAMS”. Yea, my favorite term in quilting. To do a “Y” seam, you have to stop 1/4″ from the end, tweak the fabric and then sew it to another piece. I’m not fast at it and my seams end up a little wonky. So, it was off to the Calico House for some fabric. Sometimes I will use fabric out of my stash but this one needed to be selected from the store. I love purples and found 3 fabrics for the maze. bulk fabric maze All I needed was some black.

The cutting instructions were super easy and fast. I cut, separated into piles and then pinned so they wouldn’t get messed up when my cats jump up on the table. Cut maze. The other great thing mentioned is it is a “Two Block Wonder” meaning there are only two types of blocks to make. I just needed 5 of one type and 4 of the other. I finished up this top on Sunday, was able to take it to my guild meeting (Orange Grove Quilt Guild in Garden Grove) on Wednesday and will quilt it in a couple of weeks at Quilter’s Garden on the long arm.

So here is the finished top. unquilted mazeThe actual pattern name is Labyrinth Walk, designed by Christopher Florence and is published at The Guilty Quilter in Portland, Oregon. It is 84″ X 84″ and I can’t wait to get it on the long arm machine. You can check out more patterns at http://www.theguiltyquilters.blogspot.com. I also purchased Christopher’s other pattern San Marco Square which I will do in greens. More on this one later.

With retirement, I am no longer relegated to just weekend sewing. Thanks for reading about the quilts I have made.

7 thoughts on “Purple Maze – Purple Haze

  1. Love it, especially the 3D effect. I saw a Facebook comment by Pat and thought, “Hey I remember Darci!” which lead me here. Are you still folk dancing? I’ve finally given it up as the Phoenix group is small and I’ve lost interest. Camps were sure fun back in the day though! I’ve been trying to learn quilting and your projects inspire me to get back at it or take some classes. So do you teach quilting? Nice seeing you online again!

    • Hi Joyce – I had to stop dancing due to a foot injury and surgery about 7 yrs ago. However, I did go to Laguna Festival this past February just to see Vicki Maheu, Asako, Pat Crosswhite, The Gaijickis, etc. I miss the music and all the parties (slivovich,,,,,,) I’m not teaching any quilt classes but I did join a guild and of course attend Road to California every year. With retirement, maybe I could teach but just trying to get the house the way I want. If you want to get back into quilting, this pattern is only 2 different types of blocks. It is large 84X84 and don’t slice off the corners until after it is quilted. I went ahead and sliced and will be quilting it next Tuesday. Oh well, it pays to read every bit of directions. However, it is a great pattern and glad I bought it.

      Take care.

    • It was last year or18 month ago. It was in the pamphlet that has patterns, materials, and books. it’s the Guilty Quilter in Portland Oregon. Sorry this is a late reply Just got back from Ireland. Did a 14 day tour with Celtic Quilters LLC. Great trip

      • Thanks for your reply. Wow — Ireland — now that would be fun as I’m half Irish!!! Glad you had a great trip.

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