Quilt what you like -this is called Sea Glass

As a child, I grew up in a beach community.  It was great going to the beach after school, weekends and all summer.  The change in the sea was always a swirl of teals, blues, turquoise, and greens.  Even when the weather was overcast, the water and sand can make a person calm, happy and tranquil.  sea glassEven the worst day at the beach was always better than the greatest day at the office or school.

I saw this pattern and knew it was something I just had to make.  This really was one of the easiest patterns to work.  Couple of colors and voila, it’s done.  All that is left is to get quilt time on a long arm and go!

Now the beach isn’t for everyone – some people have fair skin, like myself, so an excellent sunscreen is needed along with a great floppy hat and protective clothing.  And some locals have a hard time with visitors (really don’t like the term tourist).  However, when visiting the beach, please be aware of what you arrive with and what you leave behind.

Arrive with a pleasant attitude – be aware of your surroundings (like keeping the swearing/music at a minimum if there are kids nearby) – Watch the water as beach waves can sneak up on you – leave the beach clean.  Remove your garbage, clean up after your dog if dogs are allowed on the beach.  I have wanted to take a bag of sand home with me so I could dip my toes in it and just remember the calmness it brings me.  But, with two cats it would be a temptation for them.  And secondly, it would be removing something that belongs to all of us.  Enjoy the beach!

And now, upstairs to tackle a pattern and material that I purchased last year…..

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Quilt what you like -this is called Sea Glass

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