Buster and Double Irish Chain

Way back in 1993, there was an Amish Quilt show at the Laguna Art Museum.  Now, Laguna had just gone through the fire storm that wiped out numerous houses but the energizing view of people starting to rebuild inspired me.  It was a rebirth of houses, neighbors coming back together and a calm in the town.

When I started quilting, my fabric leaned towards cutesy calico.  But the Amish show had such beautiful, solid colored quilts.  We weren’t allowed to take photos so I sat and sketched the pattern, notes on the colors and the hand quilting design.  The eggplant, turquoise and brick red made a striking quilt.  The pattern was not hard and I did some hand quilting in the solid eggplant centers.  I would work on this during lunchtime at work while listening to the TV (All My Children was always on). 

My Buster liked to sleep on it.  It became his favorite quilt and th only place where he could rule the house.

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